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About ParapetsNYC

ParapetsNYC is a leading provider of parapet inspection and assessment services in New York City. Founded in 2023, our team of experienced professionals possesses over 25 years of combined expertise in this specialized field. We are committed to providing comprehensive and reliable parapet evaluations to ensure the safety of buildings and the public.

Our team is built of inspectors who have extensive experience with New York City's stringent Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), also known as Local Law 11 and are well-versed in the new program's requirements and procedures, ensuring that our inspections are conducted in strict adherence to the city's regulations.

Our Services

  • Annual Parapet inspection and Assessment

  • Annual Parapet Condition Reports

  • Expert Guidance where and when Repairs are necessary

Our Expertise

  • Over 25 years of combined experience in parapet inspection and assessment

  • Extensive experience with New York City's FISP program

  • Proven track record of successful parapet replacement projects as well as other diverse and comprehensive facade restorations

Our Commitment

  • To provide comprehensive and reliable parapet evaluations

  • To ensure the safety of the public and provide our clients with clear and concise information to enable them to plan for and perform needed maintenance

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